Holy Family

Holy Family

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feast of Saint Cyprian of Carthage

Good morning. Different circumstances require different approaches. When it comes to God’s presence in my life, His revealing His presence to me for the most part has tended to lack the flair for the dramatic as in the Gospel story for today. No, for the most part His involvement in my life has been pretty much mundane. I’ve certainly experienced some things one might describe to be on the miraculous side, but for the most part His involvement with me has been fairly mundane, and unfortunately at times it likely has gone unnoticed. For the most part God has revealed Himself to me with little fanfare or drama, He typically has made Himself known to me through other people, and for the most part through the simple act of love. Of late He has tugged at me through the changes involving my wife and recent, yes dramatic turn of events, but it hasn’t been the drama, the life threatening events which He has chosen to get my attention with, but it has been the mundane. Recently He has been challenging me to be more patient and reminding me of the need to be humble--no easy task for someone who can give the Energizer Bunny a good run for his money. No, He calls to me gently, for He is a Good God, but oh so Persistent God, and the more I respond the more His presence becomes clear to me. I’m not certain where this leg of the journey is taking us but I am certain that we’re not alone in the challenges that lie waiting for us. Please may I have the patience and humility needed for what lies ahead. May we all be attentive to His presence in our marriage. Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Cyprian of Carthage. “Whatever a man prefers to God, that he makes a god to himself.” - Saint Cyprian

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