Holy Family

Holy Family

Monday, June 13, 2011

Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua

Good morning. What Jesus asks of us sometimes can truly be challenging. In the Gospel reading this morning from the Book of Matthew we are asked to overlook the transgressions of others, yet often our tendency is to retaliate. How often we want the other person to hurt as much as they have hurt us. Married couples do this all the time. As I reflect upon this I recall the words of the Jimmy Webb song All I Know made famous by Art Garfunkel: “I bruise you, you bruise me, we both bruise too easily, too easily to let it show, I love you and that’s all I know.” I can’t begin to tell you how many times through the years I’ve been married, now over half my life, I’ve failed to step in line with what Jesus demands of us in the fifth chapter of Matthew. I think most of us, like in this song want to do the right thing, but sometimes our dark side takes us apart from where our love would have us go. What Jesus asks of us here is no easy matter, but we cannot truly consider ourselves to be real followers of Christ unless we can follow His command here to forgive. Jesus commands us to live a totally different way from that of the world. He makes it clear that no matter what others may do to us, we are called to desire nothing but the greatest good for those who offend us. No easy thing, not even for the most saintly amongst us. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we accept the wrong, but we accept the other person for who they are. Forgiveness allows us to heal and let go of our anger and bitterness so we may better embrace the freedom that comes with love. Freedom always comes with what is right. And this I know, love and forgiveness always sees us through the moments of darkness. May we have the grace to forgive and reach for the light beyond found in forgiveness and love. Make a great day!
Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Anthony of Padua.

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