Holy Family

Holy Family

Friday, April 29, 2011

Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena

Good morning. In today’s Gospel we find the Apostles fishing and Jesus appears to them once again. In the story He instructs them to cast their net over the side of the boat and they obediently respond and the result is an overwhelming catch of fish. Certainly one of the messages one might take from the Gospel this morning is the importance of obedience to legitimate authority, something which seems to be critically missing in today’s world. We can particularly see this in relationship to the Church and her teachings. As parents we are the primary teachers of the faith, and yet the late Avery Cardinal Dulles noted in an interview he gave with broadcast journalist Charlie Rose that most Catholics tend to get their information about church teachings from the secular media. It should be no wonder then that the people in the pews are so confused and lackadaisical about what the Church teaches. Even though the Apostles were coming in from being out all night fishing, they did not hesitate to respond to Jesus’ instructions to cast the net over the side of the boat. Likewise as parents we need to respond to Jesus’ instructions, given to us through the Church, and it is our responsibility to pass these instructions onto our children. The following is a list of issues and links to what Jesus through the Church teaches:

•Homosexual Acts
•Same Sex Unions (“Same Sex Marriage”)
•Adoption by Homosexual Couples

Any other questions or confusion you may have can be addressed through going to the Vatican Catechetical Index of issues provided here. The Church, Christ’s representative here on earth, offers clear instructions on what is right and wrong. As our Saint for today noted, “all is ordained for the salvation of man”, the Church as Christ’s representative offers these instruction for our salvation. These instructions are not relative or there for us to pick and choose from. What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. “Cast the net over the right side of the boat…” Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Catherine of Siena--Doctor of the Church.

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