Holy Family

Holy Family

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feast of Saint Jerome Emiliani

Good morning.  In the Gospel this morning Jesus reminds us that we are to honor our parents (Mk 7:1-13).  He is quite clear that in doing so we honor God and likewise to dishonor our parents or to not attend to their needs we dishonor God. I think most would have to admit that we owe our parents a great deal, and our obligation to honor them does not end when we fly from the nest.  No, in fact the scriptures tell us we are to attend to their needs in their old age. Attending to the needs of one’s parents can be an overwhelming task, and whatever the choices they are never easy.  One particular thing that can be a challenge is making decisions on behalf of one’s parents for their well-being and that of others; becoming the caregiver of the one who cared for us can be quite daunting.  There are numerous things to consider, all of which are measured and deliberated by our wanting what is best, and tempered by what is reasonable.  For those of us who are married attending to the needs of a parent can at times present a challenge to one’s marriage. It is important to communicate openly with our spouse and to be open to the other’s good judgment where it involves making difficult decisions regarding our parent, and to keep in mind that they have through the years likewise developed a close attachment. It is important to keep our marriage a priority while still attending to the needs of our parent in the manner we want and can.  Circumstances vary, but it is important to attend to the needs of our marriage and we should keep in mind that it is the little things that matter.  Just as it was with our parents the little things in the end are what are important and are what measure our love for one another. We all want to be able to offer our parents the support and care they need and deserve in their final days. Instead of seeing this as a burden look upon it as an opportunity to give back what they have given. We need to remember to enjoy the little things, the small moments.  The website ForYourMarriage offers some ideas that may prove to be helpful.  Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts and work of Saint Jerome Emiliani.

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