Holy Family

Holy Family

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feast of Pope Saint Fabian

Good morning. Today we read in Mark’s Gospel of Jesus desperately trying to get some space away from the admiring crowds. He is feeling overwhelmed by the throngs of people pressing in upon Him attempting to touch Him, as if He were a Teen Idol (Mk 3:7-12).  People throughout Galilee and Judea have heard of His miracles.  They come in from everywhere; they surround him and chase after him like paparazzi.  “He had cured many and, as a result, those who had diseases were pressing upon him to touch Him.” Yet, not soon after, when Jesus is taken before Pilate and readied for crucifixion, the crowds disappear.  His admirers are disillusioned; they decide that He isn’t the Messiah King they had hoped for after all, and they desert Him out of fear or go in pursuit of a new Messiah.

So often we see a similar type of disillusionment lived out with married couples.  In the initial years all is well, the superficial attractions and youthfulness keep things vibrant and alive, but as the years go by interest and commitments fade.  Some grow fearful for the loss of their youth. It would be my hope that every couple’s desire would be to grow old together.  Unfortunately we live in a culture that places more value on youth and beauty than maturity and wisdom.  From the beginning marriage was meant to be a lifelong covenantal union. True love, that which sustains a lifelong union, does not depend on beauty or youthfulness; it is part of “for better or for worse.” Failing health and lost beauty don’t matter when you’ve chosen to love someone forever.  Do you ever consider growing old with your spouse? Do you ever take time to talk about your dreams for each other in your later years?  Do so today.  Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life and works of Pope Saint Fabian.

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