Holy Family

Holy Family

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Feast of Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez

Good morning. Today’s first reading is from Ephesians 5. It speaks of obedience, not a popular idea in our modern culture. In fact, obedience seems to be most problematic where it involves marriage. Marriage in today’s culture, probably a result of the feminist influence, really struggles with this idea of obedience. How often have we witnessed people squirming about, flinching, and seen our priest perform a disappearance act in response to the challenging words of Ephesians 5. Nobody is standing in line when it comes to obedience these days; we are without a doubt a very stubborn and independent lot of people. In the Gospel for today Jesus builds upon this idea of obedience. He teaches us in the words found in Luke that the key to attaining life with God, of growing in our love for Him is like a tiny mustard seed growing into a mighty bush. Much like yeast in flour, we expand and grow, and obedience within marriage is that yeast. 

Yes, I know this idea of obedience is not popular these days; our culture struggles with such a concept, and as a result we struggle immensely with a high number of marriages ending in divorce. As a culture we still value marriage as an important life goal, yet seemingly what we want and what we are willing to live-out aren’t necessarily one and the same. It is clear from vital records concerning marriage and divorce that we are falling short of our own ideals. Not only that, but we are failing to live out God's plan for us concerning marriage which He’s had from the beginning. Jesus demonstrates by His own life that we are to be obedient and that it was obedience that brought us salvation and that obedience is the way of love. 

The whole struggle with obedience is a result of our viewing obedience as something demeaning rather than it actually freeing us. If the truth is to be known there is deep peace and joy to be found in living lives in accordance with God’s plan. Obedience is the way we express our love for God, and for each other. We are all called to holiness, and as married couples it is through obedience to one another that we help guide each other along that path to holiness. This path of obedience was the way Jesus expressed His love for us, “becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross.” Our saint for today, Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez, offers a wonderful life example of being that yeast in the flour; obedience and penance were the hallmarks of his life. Obedience between married couples provides for a sense of oneness as it was designed to be from the beginning, being as servants to one another enables the love to grow like one tiny note growing into a symphony. We become as Christ to one another. If we are obedient to each other, wife with her husband, and husband with his wife, when obedience is founded in love and our decisions are in union with God’s will there will be great joy, mutual respect, and harmony. Obedience is the conductor and love is the music. Make a great day! 

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and work of Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez.

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