Holy Family

Holy Family

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feast of Saints Donatian, Laetus and Companions

Good morning. Gosh, it’s darn difficult to be humble. In part because being humble is not something we receive much encouragement for. We live in a culture that prizes humility little. It can be difficult to be humble, to be in the words of Servant of God, Dorothy Day, “a fool for Christ.” Our world gives very little play to being humble, rather society prizes shrewdness and arrogance, and in the face of it, it is quite easy to walk away feeling the fool for it seems the arrogant of the world always wind-up on top. In fact, I would suggest, that if we are not feeling a bit out of step with the world around us, we likely need to change our cadence. Don’t be at all surprised if some of the arrogant are your fellow Christians. Be assured, humility is very much key to our salvation and Saint Paul in today’s first reading makes it quite clear that the wisdom of this world is viewed as “foolishness in the eyes of God.” Like Saints Donatian, Laetus and Companions we are each called to be fools for Christ, and like the saints we honor today we may be asked to suffer for His sake. These good and holy men were driven into the desert like cattle, mutilated, and left to die of exposure and starvation. 

The Apostle Peter, hardly someone we would consider to be a humble man, demonstrates well in today’s Gospel what it means to be humble. He clearly understands who Jesus is and who he is in relationship to our Lord. Humility is likewise the key to a successful marriage. As in the exchange witnessed between Peter and Jesus, in marriage we must be willing to forego ourselves for the sake of the other. We must be obedient to one another for the sake of the marital union. I cannot begin to tell you how many disagreements with my spouse have been due to my own arrogance and unwillingness to submit to her will. Jesus has set the perfect example for each of us to follow–in life and in marriage. He humbled Himself, “becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross.” We are called to do the same in marriage. Rest assured, being the fool for Christ and each other, doing whatever it takes to please God and please our spouse will guarantee a successful marriage. Let me know what you think. Make a great day! 

Today we recall the good lives, gifts, and works of Saints donation, Laetus and Companions.

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