Holy Family

Holy Family

Monday, September 24, 2012

Feast of Saint Pacific of San Severino

Good morning. As I write this it is quite dark outside, and just minutes ago it was nearly as dark in the house, but with a flip of a switch I was able to see my way. In the Gospel of Luke from this morning’s Mass Jesus instructs that we need to be about letting our light shine, not to hide it under a vessel. He says we are to use the gifts God has given us; in fact He suggests that for those whom more has been given more will be expected. We know from yesterday’s readings that there are those who set out to keep our light from shining, there are ruthless individuals who do what they are able to bring us down and attempt to keep our light from shining. Jesus assures us that we have nothing to be afraid of. The light will expose those who do evil. Nothing remains hidden forever. The Truth will always find a way to shine through. 

The light that came as a result of my flipping the light switch came as a result of a series of things that leads back to other people who work hard to keep generators running and others who maintain the lines to our house, it doesn’t just happen. There is much time and talent behind the creation of that light. If those people stopped doing what they do there would be no light in my house right now. Our lives are no different than the light that came as a result of my flipping that light switch. It requires work to bring the light. 

As parents, it is our job to assure that our children are able to light their way through a world that can at times be quite dark. Each of our children are given particular gifts and talents and it is our jobs as parents to instruct our children in a way that they are able and willing to best put those gifts to use. The life of Saint Pacific, whose life we commemorate today, inspires us to take stock of our own lives, and encourages us to endure despite whatever obstacles we might face. As parents we have an enormous responsibility, yet at the same time as loving teachers of our children we are given the opportunity to make a difference; we are given the opportunity to send light into the darkness. As parents we light the way for our children. If as parents we persevere in our task of instructing our children with love, and with faith in Our Lord, we can make a difference. What will you do today to make the world a brighter place? Make a great day! 

Today we recall the good life, gifts and work of Saint Pacific.

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