Holy Family

Holy Family

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Feast of Saint John Gualbert

Good morning. “Without cost you are to give.” This is what each of us are asked to do in today’s Gospel. This means that we are to give without asking for anything in return. What we may not always realize is that there is always a cost, a price that must be paid. This act of giving is probably most clearly seen in the sacrament of marriage, for marriage involves a man and a woman giving themselves to each other, the full entrusting of one’s self to the other, a total surrendering of one’s own self for the sake of the other.

Blessed Pope John Paul II, in his book Love and Responsibility notes that “There exists in love a particular responsibility — the responsibility for a person who is drawn into the closest possible partnership in the life and activity of another, and becomes in a sense the property of whoever benefits from this gift of self…The greater the feeling of responsibility for the person the more true love there is” So, this is what Jesus is calling us to today to love as He loves, to give of our self totally without reservation. To love our other with a sense of responsibility and reverence.

Saint John Gualbert, a Benedictine monk, whose life we celebrate today, noted we “cannot refuse what another asks in Christ’s name.” And so it is with marriage, each of us in Christ’s name on our wedding day asks our partner for acceptance and for total commitment and protection of one another for a lifetime, no matter what the cost. To love as Jesus loves demands that we love with an acceptance for our spouse as they are, warts and all. To love as Jesus loves demands us to be fully committed to one another, accepting one another as gifts entrusted to us by God. To love as Jesus loves means accepting each other as persons who have been entrusted to us as a gift and enduring their imperfections lovingly and patiently. To love as Jesus loves means to protect each other and care for each other with the reverence a gift from God deserves, expecting nothing in return. Loving in this way, we begin to love as God loves. We love without cost. Make a great day! 

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and work of Saint John Gualbert.

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