Holy Family

Holy Family

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feast of Saint George Preca

Good morning. It will not be a very good year for grapes here on our green acres. We just will not have very many grapes this year. In March when I would normally prune the vines it was unusually warm and I was not able to prune the vines as they had prematurely leafed and flowered, and after they had begun their spring growth we had a significant freeze which then burnt back all the new growth of our grapes and many of our fruit trees. In the Gospel for today we are reminded of the importance of pruning toward producing more fruit. We see in the life of Saint George Preca, whose life we celebrate today that the pruning he underwent in his life prepared and strengthened him for the challenges he would undergo in sharing the Good News with others. Like Saint George and the other saints we experience painful pruning of various sorts in our lives, and like the example from today’s Gospel of the grape vines it allows us to produce more and it strengthens us. For those of us who endure in marriage, we have produced, and continue to produce much good fruit in our children and in our example to others of our unity and indissolubility. Our example encourages others to faithfulness and commitment in a time when popular culture invites us to chase after spurious pleasures. In today’s Gospel Jesus reminds us that He is the true vine, and that “my Father is the vine grower.” We are reminded in these words that God prunes the branches of our lives to produce more fruit and to strengthen us, to produce more fruit, more love for building His Kingdom. There are times in which this pruning is painful. We all tend to be tested in various ways throughout life. We are tested from within our relationship as well as from outside and our endurance in these trials allow us to produce more fruit, to grow in our love and to grow in our witness of His love. Jesus likewise reminds us today that He is “the vine,” and we “are the branches.” It is in Him that we receive the nutritious life giving sap required to endure and recover from the elements of life. Our love and our sacrifices as married couples, and faithfulness to prayer and the sacraments will keep the sap flowing so that we will endure whatever challenges life offers. So, let’s keep the sap flowing. Make a great day! 

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and work of Saint George Preca.

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