Holy Family

Holy Family

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feast of Saint Herbert

Good morning. Yesterday, I was distracted from writing my usual morning blog, but as I reflected on the readings for today my thoughts returned to our celebration yesterday of the life of Saint Joseph. The wisdom and direction this holy man of God offers us is so needed in light of the ever increasing number of marriages and families devastated by the clenches of pornography in their lives. Although Saint Joseph often is seen as a rather reserved individual, there was nothing reserved or uncertain about him where it concerned the proper carrying out of his responsibilities of earthly parent to Jesus and His formation. Joseph was clearly a good Jew and took his responsibilities as husband and parent quite seriously. He clearly had an awareness of what needed to be done and did not hesitate to do the right thing. He clearly serves as an example for all of us of parental faithfulness to God, he certainly lived it. It is the clarity and certainty of Saint Joseph’s life which seems to be so sorely needed in society today. So many parents seem helpless in the face of things which from my perspective as a marriage and family counselor place our children in harm’s way. Parents seem so oblivious to the potential disasters awaiting their children in providing their child unbridled access to the internet or other media sources. Our children are bombarded by temptations to look at others as objects for one’s own pleasure. Children today are surrounded by media and situations that cause lustful thoughts, or actions or words, and the heedless tendencies of parents of placing “smart phones” and unbridled internet access and cable television into the laps of their children clearly invites disaster. Parents so often come looking for answers to issues involving pornography, yet it is like closing the door after the horse is already out. Once a child has been exposed it is difficult to undo the ravages of disordered sexual activity they’ve been subjected to. Like the story from today’s Gospel, it takes more than just our awareness of the need to do something, it takes the deep faith and certainty of good witnessed in the life of Saint Joseph to keep our children from harm’s way. If as parents, like Saint Joseph, and like Saint Herbert, whose life we celebrate today, we direct our actions toward heaven then we cannot fail. If in all that we do as parents we are guided by what will result in our children seeing and knowing God then we certainly will make the right decisions and our children will find themselves headed in the right direction. Make a great day! 

 Today we recall the good life, gifts, and work of Saint Herbert.

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