Holy Family

Holy Family

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feast of Blessed Clemens August Cardinal von Galen

Good morning. Lent is a time for courage and self discernment, of discovering ways we are able to bring God closer to being the focus of our lives. As we continue our Lenten journey we are encouraged to continue in our search for ways in which we can better bring God into the center of our lives, to live our lives as He intends for us. It isn’t always easy to do the will of God or to be that person He intends for us to be. Jesus makes it clear in today’s Gospel that we cannot do the Father’s will if we are looking elsewhere. Doing the will of God is much like baseball; we can’t get a hit if we don’t keep our eye on the ball. So often we allow other things to be the focus of our lives, things that draw our attention away from God. Often this need to keep God at the center of our lives can be a real challenge in our relationships, in our marriage. It is not always easy to redirect those we love, but because we love them we do what we are able to help them be that person God calls them to be; and, this well- intended support is not always well received. It isn’t always easy to do the right thing, to address the need for others to change. In the life of the person whose life we commemorate today, Blessed Clemens August Cardinal von Galen, we see the challenge of stepping up and addressing things which need to be changed. He risked imprisonment, and even death repeatedly speaking out against the atrocities of the Nazi regime, using language quite familiar with the pro-life advocates of today: "to give legal sanction to the forcible killing of invalids, cripples, the incurable and the incapacitated." He said, "Once admit the right to kill unproductive persons, then none of us can be sure of his life. A curse on men and on the German people if we break the holy commandment 'Thou shalt not kill'... Woe to us German people if we not only license this heinous offense but allow it to be committed with impunity". This is a powerful reminder of our own obligations in the face of the current challenge to the Church with the recent HHS Mandate debate. As we continue our Lenten journey we should look to ways to better keep God at the center of our lives and pray for the grace and courage to redirect those we love when it is needed. Let us keep our eye on the ball. Make a great day! 

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and work of Blessed Clemens August Cardinal von Galen.

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