Holy Family

Holy Family

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feast of Saint Oswald

Good morning. It is difficult sometimes to always be giving. We ask ourselves, “Why am I always the one that has to do this or that?” "I'm tired of being the one that's always giving!" Sometimes we decide to wait the other one out, and we wait, and we wait…. We wait for a sign from our partner that they’re as committed to this relationship; that they care as much as we do. I guess it is part of our nature to want proof, to look for signs of other’s commitment and love. It seems things weren’t too far different when Jesus was walking about. In today’s Gospel Jesus becomes angered by people’s persistent want for further signs, further proof. We too find ourselves needing reassurance, sometimes it just isn’t enough to take it on faith, we want proof, and we want signs. Sometimes our partners need a little something special for that assurance that we are as dedicated and committed as they, this can be a real challenge sometimes, especially when it seems we’re already working overtime; but it can be quite rewarding.

Real love, the love Jesus calls each one of us to, is shown through a daily commitment to serve each other, to give even when it seems we’re the only one giving. We see in the lives of the saints many examples of self giving love. This is clearly seen in the life of Saint Oswald whose life we honor today. We see in his life a witness to the call to be like servants to each other, he died washing the feet of a poor man.

It is of interest that Saint Oswald is the Patron Saint of the home parish of Pope Benedict XVI. On the evening of the 16th of April 1927 in the parish church of St. Oswald, Joseph Ratzinger was baptized into the faith he now leads. As for each of us, through this outward sign called baptism we are called to love and give of ourselves, and in the sacrament of marriage we are called to love and give of ourselves in a very special way. Let us renew that commitment to give of ourselves today. Make a great day

 Today we recall the good life, gifts, and work of Saint Oswald.

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