Holy Family

Holy Family

Monday, February 13, 2012

Feast of Saint Catherine Del Ricci

Good morning. The recent death of singer Whitney Houston certainly gave many of us reason to pause and consider the tragedy of such a gifted person being taken from this life so prematurely. I don’t know that Whitney Houston’s death is at all related to her well known involvement with drugs, but the events of these past days has given us reason to consider the tragedy of how she as well as others struggle despite the enormity of the gifts they are given by our Creator; they seem unable to fully appreciate their God given gifts and seem unable to accept themselves. Many of the songs responsible for Whitney’s stardom talk of love and one in particular talks of accepting one self and suggests how easy love is to achieve. This particular song suggests that “the greatest love of all is easy to achieve.” Yet despite all she had going for herself, learning to love herself seemed to be beyond her reach as demonstrated by her tragic lifestyle of drugs and other self destructive choices.

In today’s Gospel we are reminded that Jesus came for each of us and He offers Himself to everyone, we need only ask. His love is easy to achieve—there for the asking. Despite this greatest love freely given to each one of us our brokenness often causes His love to allude us. Despite His being there for our asking some look for more, more signs, more assurance of the love He offers us simply for the asking. We likewise do this with each other, despite assurances that love is there for the asking, we sometimes fail to accept the love freely given by others. We often see this in marriage. Despite the love which is freely offered we sometimes look for more signs, more certainty that it is real. In marriage we offer ourselves to each other and promise our love and acceptance of one another completely for the remainder of our days. Yet, how often do we find ourselves looking for other signs or more assurance? We need look no further than in each other for it is in ourselves and in each other that we come to know and appreciate the “greatest love of all.” And they can’t take that away. Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and work of Saint Catherine Del Ricci. This holy woman offers a wonderful example of coming to know and appreciate the love Jesus offers us in the burning love and desire witnessed in her lived effort to do the will of God.

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