Holy Family

Holy Family

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feast of Saint Genevieve

Good morning. Each of us starts out our marriage hoping for the best and never gives any consideration for the possibility of ever being lonely again. Yet each one of us struggles with establishing and maintaining a sense of closeness and understanding. Throughout our married lives we desire a relationship of intimacy, of oneness but like a butterfly in the breeze it often can tend to be quite elusive. Our effort at being one with our partner tends to be fleeting and sporadic. In today’s first reading from the First Book of John the author discusses our relationship with God, as with our relationship with God our tendency toward being prideful and selfish people often gets in our way of being one with one another. It is an understanding of our relationship from the perspective of seeing life through the eye’s of God that allows us to establish a common focus and establish a sense of oneness. If we work together as a couple toward developing a common purpose of serving together God’s design for us we are more likely to experience that sense of oneness. If we allow God to be the architect of our relationship we can avoid the tendencies toward being uncertain and fearful of intimacy and openness and enjoy the joy that awaits us in being one with each other. We can avoid the doubts, uncertainties, and loneliness that come with life if we allow for God to be in control of our marriage. Like our Saint for today, Saint Genevieve, if our focus is on God we are able to overcome whatever obstacles and challenges life throws at us. Oneness in marriage comes with having a common focus on God in our lives. Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Genevieve.

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