Holy Family

Holy Family

Monday, December 19, 2011

Feast of Pope Saint Anastasius I

Good morning. Today’s Gospel from the first Chapter of Luke is to a large extent about living our faith in God and trusting in His Divine Providence. Today’s Gospel offers us a brief glimpse into the life of Elizabeth and Zechariah, who we discover despite their late years will give birth to a son we will come to know as John the Baptist. As we recall from yesterday’s Gospel reading the Angel Gabriel offers an explanation for this unusual circumstance noting in his exchange with Elizabeth’s cousin Mary that “nothing will be impossible for God.” This idea of Divine Providence is certainly one which has tended to fall to the wayside in today’s secular and skeptical culture. No, current day society tends not to offer anything to happenstance; we tend not to trust in God’s providence. No most of us tend to want to take charge, to believe that we are in charge. We need only look at the Americanization of reproductive practices to realize that many of us do not put much stock in Divine Providence. Yes, we may pray with some regularity, and we may participate in the sacraments, but when it comes to taking charge of our lives we are reluctant to put things into God’s hands, we are a take charge people, we leave nothing to chance. Marriage in current day society is viewed to be more of an economic venture than a covenant with God and each other, and any offspring will absolutely be planned so as not to interfere with our happiness. I’m reminded of a conversation my wife had with someone once regarding children, and the suggestion that they only planned to “have one, but we’ll have a second one, just in case.” Financial sacrifice is not anything couples today sign-on for, no it is about living ‘well’ versus living ‘good’. The idea of accepting whatever children God might send our way is quite a foreign concept to most married couples today. No, I trust in the Lord—kind of! For trust—trust in God’s Providence we need only look to our Saint for today, Saint Anastasias, for an example of living life with faith in God and living free of the trappings of materialism. Likewise as we approach the celebration of God’s Gift of Salvation we can look to the Holy Family as an example of placing our trust in God. There is a great lesson for all married couples in the life of the Holy Family--God will provide for those who sincerely place their trust in Him. Lord, please be present to us this day as we place our trust in You. Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Pope Saint Anastasius I.

Suspice Prayer

Receive, O Lord, all my liberty. 
Take my memory, my understanding, and my entire will. 
Whatsoever I have or hold, You have given me; 
I give it all back to You and surrender it wholly to be governed by Your will.

Give me only Your love and Your grace, and I am rich enough and ask for nothing more.

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