Holy Family

Holy Family

Monday, December 26, 2011

Feast of Saint Stephen

Good morning. One thing about family and relationships is that they are certainly complex. Yet, one thing most all families have in common is an extensive history of shared experiences. This sense of sameness typically results in a bonding and sense of closeness. This sense of sameness plays a very important part in maintaining such things as making healthy life decisions and our religious beliefs. There is no doubt about it, our family is key in influencing our spiritual beliefs and healthy life choices. However, our families do not always determine the beliefs or values we choose to guide us through life, no there are other influences that come into play and they are not always the best. There is no doubt that parents play the most significant role in influencing the values and beliefs we use to navigate our way through life, but we don’t always find ourselves in a world which coincides with the values and beliefs that have been taught to us. We live in a world which tends to place more value on the things of man then of God. In today's Gospel we read about making such choices. It is in these moments where conviction determines the quality of the choices we make. As parents we can make the difference in determining the type of choices our children will make. There are times, much like that witnessed in the life of Saint Stephen whose life we commemorate today, where making good life choices is met with ridicule and scorn. As parents we need to ask whether we are adequately preparing our children to stand like Saint Stephen with the values and beliefs we want for them or whether they will give-in to the influences of others. As parents may we always give our children what is truly best for them, and may we instill in them the courage needed to always be true to themselves and to always make the right choices. Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts and works of Saint Stephen—the first martyr.

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