Holy Family

Holy Family

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feast of Saint Eligius

Good morning. Marriage inevitably has its challenges. As married couples we must in times of uncertainty recall that God has called us to the sacrament of marriage and that the promise of His grace is there for the asking to see us through its challenges. Commitment and belief in His providence are at times essential for weathering the storms which we will with certainty encounter. At times the priorities of a secular world prove to be a challenge when placed alongside the priorities of God’s way. As noted in today’s Gospel if we trust in God and do His will He will not fail us. If we remain committed to each other and trust in God our marriage will not falter, as Pope Pius XI notes in his Papal Encyclical, Casti Cannubii, “…it is a law of divine Providence in the supernatural order that men do not reap the full fruit of the Sacraments which they receive after acquiring the use of reason unless they cooperate with grace, the grace of matrimony will remain for the most part an unused talent hidden in the field unless the parties exercise these supernatural powers and cultivate and develop the seeds of grace they have received. If, however, doing all that lies with their power, they cooperate diligently, they will be able with ease to bear the burdens of their state and to fulfill their duties.” If we look to God in our marriage we will be guided in making the right decisions and be provided the necessary graces for raising a healthy family and to keep and sanctify our marriage. If we remind ourselves to do God’s will and look to His divine Providence throughout the course of our marriage then like the house built on the foundation of stone our marriage will remain firm and will weather whatever storms may come our way. Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Eligius. “O Christ, let me confess Your Name with my last breath. In Your great mercy receive me and do not disappoint me in my hope. Open the gates of life for me, and let the prince of darkness have no power over me. Protect me by Your kindness, shield me with Your might, and lead me by Your right hand to the place of refreshment, the tabernacle You have prepared for Your servants and for those who revere You. Amen”

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