Holy Family

Holy Family

Friday, November 11, 2011

Feast of Saint Martin of Tours

Good morning. I slept in a bit on this crisp autumn morning taking some time to just lay there in the warmth of the covers and listen to the jays and the crows as they searched about for their breakfast. As I made my morning coffee and put some eggs on to boil I couldn’t help but be amazed at the beauty of the burnt orange of the cypress tree and its stark contrast against the other trees and shrubs which have already surrendered their autumn attire. I stood there at the window for a moment in silence lest I missed anything. As I looked at the frost on the lawn I could almost feel the chill of it as it glistened in the rays of the morning sun. I thought back on this as I read the first reading from the Book of Wisdom and thought how similar my observations were to those depicted in the scripture passage. The author of our first reading suggests that looking at the complexity and grandeur of creation one cannot be left with any doubt as to their being a Creator who was responsible for all that surrounds us. Jesus in the Gospel for today reminds us that we must be attentive to His word and look for Him to guide us in all that we do and that if we but look for Him, He is present to us in each other and in all that surrounds us. It was evident in looking out over our property this morning that He is present in our lives and His gift of creation is truly glorious. This morning in particular I was reminded of His glory in our recalling today the birth of our first child. It was on a morning much like this one twenty-eight years ago God blessed us with a healthy beautiful girl. In just a few short months that little girl in the bassinet with dark black curls and yellow bow will be getting married. Happy Birthday Sarah! Let us all remind ourselves today of the greatness of life and the wonder of His gift of creation. Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Martin of Tours.

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