Holy Family

Holy Family

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feast of Saint Quodvultdeus

Good morning. How to get in through the narrow gate? Perhaps we need to rid ourselves of some things in order to fit through. I’ve heard that one of the fastest growing industries in the United States is the self storage business. America has become a nation of pack rats. I think that is really quite telling. I wonder if there’s a correlation between that and the decline in attendance at services on Sunday? Jesus in today’s Gospel indicates that we must enter through the narrow gate. Will our attachment to things prevent us from fitting through? Perhaps less is more, that sometimes we lack an appreciation for what is truly important. Perhaps if we could clear our homes and our lives down to the essentials we could better enjoy those things that truly are important. So often I sit in my office listening to couples squabbling over finances and at the root of it there tends to be an unwillingness to let go of personal wants over what is best for them as a couple. They tell of separate checking accounts because they are unable to agree on how their monies should be spent. Despite the repeated message throughout scripture that true happiness is found within ourselves, we continue to search elsewhere and fill our lives with stuff. We are forever reaching for the brass ring when what we really need is right before our eyes. While yearning for the brass ring we lose sight of what is really needed. It seems that Jesus is trying to tell us that we’ll only fit through the narrow gate if we appreciate what is really necessary for our journey. If we are forever focused on those things we really don’t need we’ll wind up not appreciating those things that truly are needed to get us through that narrow gate. What are you yearning for? Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Quodvultdeus.

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