Holy Family

Holy Family

Monday, October 10, 2011

Feast of Saint Francis Borgia

Good morning. The America we live in today is not the America I grew up in. In my prayers I am reminded that things are not as they should be, there are many changes in what our society today values from the society I knew in my youth. Our society today is increasingly less friendly toward Christianity and many of the things we value as Christians are clearly under attack. Catholic hospitals and Catholic agencies are under attack, and without question the institution of marriage is under attack. Much of this is allowed to happen from within, within the very pews, the very churches where we go to pray. Today’s Gospel reminds us that evil is all about us, and the evil one is all too willing to accommodate us. We will become what we live. If God is at the center of our lives He will be reflected in all that we do. We both embrace our faith and live it or we embrace the falsehoods of the world, it cannot be both ways. It is our only hope; there is no real hope in a world that identifies marriage as being whatever one wishes it to be. It is in this real hope which our faith allows us to experience that enables us to truly love, to truly risk giving ourselves entirely to our partner in marriage and being open to life as we are called to be. Be hopeful! Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Francis Borgia.

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