Holy Family

Holy Family

Friday, September 30, 2011

Feast of Saint Jerome

Good morning. We are holy people and each one of us is called to sainthood. In fact the decision to journey forth toward becoming a saint is a decision each of us must make. Jesus in today’s Gospel makes it quite clear that we are not to take this matter lightly. He makes it fairly clear that either we choose to live lives which lead us to sainthood or we don’t. Sainthood is not intended to be an exception; it is intended for each and every one of us. Unfortunately most of us tend to simply go through the motions, simply living each day as everyone else, offering nothing different in how we live that would indicate that we are Christian. As Pope Benedict notes in Spe Salvi our faith is not something intended to simply be proclaimed but it is to be lived. It is intended to make a difference, not just in our own lives but in the lives of those around us. It is intended to make “things happen and is life-changing.” For those of us who are married we are called to this journey of faith in a special way. We are called to make our faith happen and change our partner’s lives in a special way. We are each called to a journey to sainthood but in marriage we are called to a journey to sainthood together, like two streams converging we are on that same journey together, helping each other along the way. The journey is an arduous one, there are rocks and fallen trees, and twists and turns along the way, but the choice is clear, and the choice for sainthood leads to a joyful married life together and an eternal life of joy when our journey is through. Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life of Saint Jerome—Priest and Doctor of the Church. “Do not let your deeds belie your words, lest when you speak in church someone may say to himself, 'Why do you not practice what you preach?”

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