Holy Family

Holy Family

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feast of Saint Lawrence of Brindisi

Good morning. Inquire about a couple’s sexual intimacy in the course of a marital counseling session and it is likely to elicit a blush. But inquire about spiritual intimacy and they are likely to begin wiggling in their seats. This type of intimacy in a marriage can be a real struggle, it's uncomfortable, it’s risky, and where in this busy life of ours are we going to fit it in. “This man is asking us if we ever pray together!” Deep intimacy, real closeness and vulnerability can be a real threat and this is something which is required in being spiritually intimate with one another—probably more so than any other area of our relationship. To walk with God together as a couple can be very revealing and it presents a real challenge to many couples. This is particularly true I think in our current day culture due to the high degree of apathy in areas of our life involving God. The spiritual apathy which Jesus addresses in today’s Gospel is a real threat in our society today. To grow as a couple requires that we be revealing, and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable emotionally and spiritually, to put aside that apathy and enter into each other’s journey with God. As scary as married life might be sometimes if we walk that journey together daily with God it is unlikely we’ll ever get lost. Let’s take time today to look at what keeps us from connecting spiritually with our partner and begin considering ways of mapping-out that spiritual journey with God. To paraphrase Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton, the couple that prays together stays together. But don’t take my word for it; researchers at the National Marriage Project indicate that it does make a difference. Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Lawrence of Brindisi.

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