Holy Family

Holy Family

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Feast of Saint John Gualbert

Good morning. Every Sunday, every time we attend Mass we are witness to a miracle. There likewise are miracles going on about us constantly should we the eye to see and the ear to hear. Miracles occur daily all about us that far exceed anything the three towns mentioned in today’s Gospel ever dreamt of experiencing. None of us tend to be all too different from the folks who once lived in those villages. Though they were witness to God’s goodness, though they were witness to Jesus’ miracles, they like us are reluctant to change. This is often the case in marriage; we know quite well what needs to change, and it begins with you. But far too often we allow ourselves to get stuck in a stalemate, “I'll be different if my spouse starts being different first.” “I’ll change when my spouse changes first.” Everyday we experience signs and indicators of our love for one another. Everyday the miracle of love is all around us. And we long for it, we want so much to enjoy and grow in that love, but our pride gets in the way. “You first!” We wait for the other spouse to change, to move first …and we wait…and we wait. I know, and you know we can’t make the other spouse change. Or can we? Well, we can, kind of. If we change, if we do something different, our partner will respond, but it requires our making the first move. A friend of mine Michele Weiner-Davis, a well known author and marriage counselor, offers a delightful article on this very problem of change in marriage. The title of the article is “Why should I be the one to change?” Why indeed? We should change because life is too short and because the wonderful miracle of love awaits us if we do. So do something different today. You first! Make a great day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint John Gualbert.

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