Holy Family

Holy Family

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday of Holy Week

Good morning. Today’s Gospel raises the question “Is it I, Lord?” A question none of us likely needs to ask. We all know our own history of betrayal. We have all numerous times betrayed God in the things we’ve done as well as in the things we’ve not done. There is an old saying, “Guilt should end before the act begins.” We shouldn’t find ourselves in the position of wondering if the shoe fits. Fortunately, unlike Judas in the Gospel story most of us tend not to despair and we are able to turn to God and benefit from His ever merciful forgiveness. All too often, this is not always true in marriage. Too often it is the case that past ‘sins’ repeatedly get thrown in our face. Despite our inability to return to the scene of the crime and undo whatever past sins were committed, couples too often remind one another of past indiscretions and this only serves to introduce resentment, bitterness, anger and guilt. All pretty unproductive emotions and ones that prevent the flow of love in the relationship. And, most importantly, continuing to harbor these feelings and one’s refusal to forgive negatively influences our relationship with God. We cannot expect God to forgive us while we refuse to forgive others especially our spouse. In fact Jesus told us in no uncertain terms that we cannot expect to be forgiven if we do not permit ourselves to do likewise. Regarding forgiveness within marriage Blessed Pope John Paul II in his Letter to Families of 1994 said that “This capacity of spouses and parents to love depends on the divine grace of forgiveness and reconciliation, ensuring the spiritual energy to begin anew.” As we continue in our celebration of Holy Week may you allow your spouse and children to feel the loving and caring embrace of forgiveness. Make a great day!

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