Holy Family

Holy Family

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feast of Saint Catherine of Sweden

Good morning. This morning in the Gospel from Luke we visit the poor man Lazarus. This parable among other things teaches us about the God given dignity of every human being. The rich man’s utter disregard for the poor man is a failure to love as we are called to, and we are reminded that a person’s condition is not in anyway a measure of their worth. One thing this parable reminds us of is that a person’s condition or worldly value is not to be considered in determining who is deemed worthy to be invited to the table of life. Yet we live in a world where children are given life based upon their perceived worth and their lives are snubbed out daily if their parents or others determine otherwise. Infanticide takes place daily based upon qualities deemed desirable by the parents, in some parts of the world female infanticide is regularly practiced. Every day early testing for Down syndrome is done resulting in a 90% abortion rate of all Down syndrome babies. And, every day thousands of new baby’s lives are denied because of inconvenience. One of the major ways we have toward winning this war against abortion is in defending and supporting family life and in providing education regarding the evils of contraception and the harm to society brought about through divorce. On this day, the feast of Saint Catherine of Sweden—Patroness Against Abortion—let us pray for an end to abortion. Make a good day!

Today we recall the good life, gifts, and works of Saint Catherine of Sweden.

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