Holy Family

Holy Family

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feast of Saint Marguerite Bourgeous

Good morning. Our Saint for today, Saint Marguerite Bourgeous , offers us some things to consider where it involves our role as parents. Saint Marguerite is quoted as having said:  “Our Lady’s love is like a stream that has its source in the Eternal Fountains, quenches the thirst of all, can never be drained, and ever flows back to its Source.” ~Saint Marguerite Bourgeous  It is this idea of our Blessed Mother’s love ever flowing back to its source that I find to be particularly thought provoking.  We find in this very simple statement a modeling of what our role as parent should be.  Blessed Mary, in her role as the Mother of God, shows us how we are to bring our children to an understanding of love, and because God is love, an understanding and fulfilling relationship with God. It is through our parental self-giving, that union between parent and child, where our children come to learn of love and subsequently come to know of God.  Some of those elements of love we give our children that lead toward their discovery of God are those messages we so frequently give them of being present to them, and forgiveness, and being there for them and loving them no matter what. These are all characteristics of love that as a child comes to grow emotionally and spiritually they learn to attribute to God. We see in this thought of Saint Marguerite of love “ever flowing back to its source” that as parents, and out of our constant giving of love, we come to instruct our children in an understanding that the source of all love is God.  May our children forever come to know this Love in their relationship with us.  Make a great day.

Today we recall the good life and works of Saint Marguerite Bourgeous.

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