Holy Family

Holy Family

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feast of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Good morning. Often we are reluctant to give more out of concern for getting stuck once again being the one that is always giving in. We see this all the time in relationships. “I’ll wait to see what he/she does” and it winds up in a stalemate with each partner waiting the other one out.  “I’ll change when he/she does.” Or “I’ll do more when she/he does.” A similar thing is seen in the Gospel reading for this morning (Mark 6:34-44) in the story of the loaves and fishes. The apostles are reluctant to share, or even to be bothered, but Jesus is determined to show them how goodness grows. This story of the loaves and fishes is a lesson in giving. Jesus teaches us that when we are giving, such giving returns to us multiplied.  In this story all were fed and there was much more in return for being generous. We see a similar lesson from the life of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, a Saint whose life we commemorate today. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was from a wealthy and influential family, she wanted for nothing and could have remained comfortable where she was, but gave all of that up in response to what she felt was a call to do God’s will in educating the poor. This lesson of generosity likewise applies in marital relationships, that when we give to the relationship there will be something there in return.  Too frequently we tend to look to the other for blame or for the other partner to make the first move. We need to stop wasting our precious time waiting for the other one to move, life is too short for sitting around and out-waiting your partner. Do something kind or thoughtful for your spouse today and see how it multiplies.  Make a great day!

Today we celebrate the life and works of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

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